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    Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Bovine Ultrasound Machine

    Bovine ultrasound scanners are used in viewing internal organs, tendons, joints, muscle strains or injuries. They are also useful in viewing the fetus of the cattle during the time of pregnancy. They are quite commonly used to view the soft tissues of large animals. When purchasing a diagnostic scanner it is always best to go with a reputable dealer.

    Before purchasing bovine ultrasound scanners there are certain things that you definitely need to keep in mind. You can go for a model which will offer you a detailed and complete imagery. It is advisable not to go for devices which are unable to display adequate images, this way your diagnosis and analysis will not be affected.

    You should always buy ultrasonography equipment which is of a higher quality. Go for a transducer which is capable of sustaining abuse from the cattle. A transducer is that device which is inserted in the cattle's rectums and it is responsible for sending and receiving sound waves from the scanner. You also need to ensure the durability of the transducer as cattle has the ability to move around and in the worst circumstances erode and ultimately destroy the equipment with their manure.

    You can also go for a portable bovine ultrasound scanner as they are quite convenient and are handy. These machines come with a rectal probe which is suitable for bovine equine reproduction scanning.

    Bovine ultrasound equipment is quite a useful tool for not only the veterinarians but also for the bovine as well. Performing an ultrasonic exam is regarded as the safest as well as the most real time diagnostic imaging method. If you are worried about the expense of the equipment, all you need to do is search online. You will definitely get a bovine ultrasound equipment at discounted rates without compromising on the quality. For veterinarians this machine is quite beneficial and can help them understand the problems associated with bovine pregnancies at an early stage.

    Finding the Best Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

    Proper treatment is only possible when the ailment is correctly diagnosed. For correct diagnosis, a veterinarian must have the right tools and gadgets. Ultrasound machines are one of the most important tools used by veterinarians to diagnose pets. Veterinary ultrasound machines are available in different sizes and makes to suit the various needs of a vet.

    Therefore, finding that right ultrasound machine that suits your purpose and budget is not at all an easy task. Here are some of the factors that you should not ignore while buying a vet ultrasound machine.

    Type of Machine
    There are different types of veterinary ultrasound machines available in the market. You can choose from color doppler, handheld, portable and black & white ultrasound machines depending on your requirement.

    The first thing you need to consider while buying an ultrasound machine for your veterinary practice is budget. You need to set the budget depending upon the size and model you wish to buy. If you don’t have enough funds, you can also consider buying used, refurbished or demo models from a reputed supplier. Setting a budget for the ultrasound machine will not only help you narrow down your search but also help you to focus on the equipment that you can actually afford.
    Veterinary ultrasound machines come in various sizes. The size that you choose depends on the area where you want to use it -- at home, in your clinic or in larger health care setting. You should go for a size that exactly suits your practice and area requirements.

    It is important to check the credentials of the seller from whom you are planning to buy the veterinary ultrasound machine . Ask for recommendations from your friends and colleagues to choose the best company to make sure that you are dealing with an authentic dealer.

    How to Find the Best Used Veterinary Ultrasound Machine?

    Any veterinarian can tell you about the drain of finances caused in buying used ultrasound equipment. This is the reason why many vets, especially those having a tight budget, prefer buying used ultrasound equipment. Purchasing used equipment is beneficial in many ways.

    Used ultrasound equipment can be a very cost-effective and practical solution for veterinarians looking to equip their clinic or hospitals. Buying used equipment can help in saving up to 70% from their operating costs. When you are buying the used equipment from a reliable dealer, you can rest assure about the performance and durability of the machine.

    The reason why most veterinarians nowadays prefer buying used ultrasound machine is that it allows them to save money since such as a machine is available at a fraction of the cost of a brand new one.

    When purchasing used ultrasound machine, budget is always an important consideration. You should set a budget for the used ultrasound machine as it will not only help you narrow down your search but also help you to focus on equipment that you can actually afford.

    You also need to be very sure about your requirement. It’s only you who can judge the type and size of machine you need for your clinic. If you are buying that used veterinary ultrasound machine from a reputed seller, it is wise to ask for repair commitment and warranty on your purchase. Compromising with the quality for saving some bucks makes no sense at all.

    Finally yet importantly, you must check the credentials of the seller or dealer from whom you plan to buy your ultrasound machine. Always go for the one who has a proven record of selling quality machines at affordable rates. Always do proper research before deciding on a seller or dealer.

    So, if you are also planning to buy used veterinary ultrasound machine at best prices, you can always count on us. We offer excellent quality ultrasound machines manufactured by some of the top brands.

    How to Take Care of your Pregnant Dog?

    Canine pregnancy is a serious and complex medical condition and should not be taken lightly. Pregnancy in a dog lasts lasts approximately 63 days. A pregnant dog experience changes in hormones, weight, appetite and behavior -- just like humans. This is the reason why a pregnant dog needs more affection and attention during this time.

    It is important for breeders to understand the special needs of the dog so that she receives the very best in terms of nutrition, safety, comfort and health. Failure to do so may result in complications during pregnancy. Here are a few tips on caring for your pregnant dog. 

      1. Diet: One of the most important things to do for your pregnant dog is to provide her with a proper diet. During the first 30 days of pregnancy she can eat her normal diet. After the first 6 weeks of pregnancy, your pet will need to consume more food, as well as after the birth of the puppies. Make sure that your pregnant dog eats commercial dog food that is high in energy.
      2. Physical Fitness: Take precautions to make sure that your dog does sufficient exercise. However, avoid any exercise that is physically exhausting. Weight loss is generally not recommended in canine pregnancy.
      3. Vaccinations: The amount of immunity the puppies have to infectious disease is directly related to the immunity of their mothers. The female dog should be vaccinated about one month before being bred, so that they develop the maximum amount of antibodies. Do not vaccinate a pregnant dog as some vaccines can cause abortion.
      4. Examination by a Veterinarian: It is wise to take your pregnant dog to a veterinarian for checkup after 4 weeks of pregnancy, especially if the dog was not examined prior to becoming pregnant. Veterinarians, nowadays, extensively use portable ultrasound machines to check if there is any complication in the pregnancy and also count the number of puppies.