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    Chison 8300 Video

    Chison 8300 Video

    Chison 8300 Portable B/W Machine provides innovative technologies and optimized design. Get a high quality digital diagnostic imaging unit at an affordable price.  Its' excellent imaging performance and reliable diagnosis make exams easier than ever. Features include: 10" SVGA monitor, harmonic and compound imaging for crystal clear images, multiple probe selection, optional DICOM, multiple application and display modes and choice of probe.  Report templates are built into the powerful software and the keyboard is easy to navigate. The 8300 creates images similar to Sonoscape but at a much more affordable price. 

    Chison Q9 Video

    Chison Q9 Video

    Masterfully designed, this portable Color Doppler is of the highest quality and yet affordable.  Boasting a 15"high resolution LCD screen, the Q9 features Multiple Compound Imaging (MCI), multiple imaging modes, optional 4D and advanced imaging software.  The Q9 has multiple measurement packages as well as a multi function keyboard and ample connectivity ports. 320 GB Hard disk and detailed report packages elevate this ultrasound to a class of its own. 

    DCU-12 Video

    DCU-12 Video

    This easy to use fully digital color Doppler offers excellent image quality and reliable performance.  Excellent for use with both large and small animals such as cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, cats and dogs.  Features abundant measuring software, practical data manager, image optimization imaging techniques and a keyboard with many one-key buttons. Boasts 256 point gray scale and 256 point color scale making it comparable to much more expensive ultrasounds. The Display is a 10.4' high resolution LCD dedicated medical color screen.  With multiple ports, probe choices and connectivity choices, the choice is clear: DCU-12. 

    KX5200KV Video

    KX5200KV Video

    The KX5200V Wrist Ultrasound produces high quality images and is great for working with a variety of animals. This ultrasound is especially designed for diagnosing Bovine and Equine Pregnancy and Reproduction related conditions. Boasting a 5.7" high resolution non-interlaced LCD screen means you do not have to sacrifice image quality for the sake of portability.  Fully digital with extensive veterinary clinical applications and software, the KX5200V is the best in its class. This ultrasound is also customizable with many different probe choices to suit your practice needs. 

    How to buy Veterinary Ultrasound

    Find Reliable Animal Imaging Online

    When it comes to treating medical issues there are a few similarities between animals and humans starting with the equipment needed to make an accurate diagnosis. When you are in pain the first thing you do is see the doctor and describe your symptoms and then based on this the doctor will run several tests to diagnose the problem. Animals are at a disadvantage because they cannot communicate in describing what hurts and the details of what they are feeling so the reliance of professionals on imaging equipment is that much greater.

    Vet equipment has made significant leaps in technology and functionality over the past couple of decades where portable ultrasounds can be purchased online from reliable vendors in both new and/or used condition. This single machine provides flexibility to the vet so they can treat patients in the office or out in the field depending on size, condition and location. The affordability of used equipment ensures that no office has to go without them when working with a vendor that has a large inventory of options to choose from.

    If a picture is worth a thousand words and one of these is generated by a quality ultrasound that can save an animal’s life then it now becomes a priceless piece of vet equipment to the owner. Online vendors are the ideal place to start looking for these machines because you can review all the specifications, details and cost while comparing to other locations. This allows you to make an informed and sound financial decision based on budget capability and needs of the area.  

    In addition, customers may find other machines and accessories that they can utilize in the practice that will assist with proper diagnosis and creating an efficient flow of events.
    While humans can articulate, animals are reliant on technology and imaging software and hardware that can do the talking for them when it comes to finding medical issues.  As a vet, make sure that you have explored all the online options and have your vet equipment on order and ready to ship to your office today. The investment is worth it in a hundred different ways.

    May 12, 2016

    Necessary Veterinary Supplies

    Veterinary instruments are a critical part of running a successful veterinary clinic. Whether the clinic is one that has been up and running for years or is having a grand opening, it needs the right tools for the job. Taking care of animals requires special instruments and these can be purchased for affordable prices. Pets and even farm animals are important parts of family life and they deserve the care and consideration of a full-fledged family member.

    Giving proper care to animals requires veterinary instruments that are sanitized, functional, and serviceable. A veterinarian wants to be able to save money on their instruments without sacrificing quality. Quality tools include ultra sound machines, X-ray machines, monitors, oxygen, and so much more. A vet never knows when they may have to do surgery, put a leg in a cast, or remove something from the stomach of a dog that ate something he shouldn’t have.

    These are all reasons why it is imperative that the right equipment be purchased the first time. If the right veterinary instruments are affordable, then a vet can have them available on site and ready to use should the need arise.

    Many people rely on veterinarians to have the best instruments to help their pets no matter what is needed. A full orthopaedic kit is needed to fix a broken leg. Anaesthesia machines are needed to make an animal comfortable while surgery is going on. Many different types of kennels and cages are needed to house sick animals. These include oxygen cages where an animal can rest while pure oxygen is pumped in to help them heal. There is a lot more veterinary instruments that a professional needs to get the job done. An animal clinic needs to look for affordable supplies to keep their clinic up and running.

    When a person becomes a veterinarian they do it to help animals. However, there is a business aspect to it that has to be respected. If a doctor over-pays for their equipment, they won’t have money for other things like electric bills, employees, or pet food. Running any business requires savvy spending and that includes buying all of the necessary veterinary instruments at discounted prices.