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    Types of Ultrasound Machines Available in the Market

    Ultrasound machines have revolutionized the medical world proving to be helpful in diagnosing diseases. Ultrasonic waves are sent through the body to obtain image which helps doctors to cure diseases. It does not produce any ionizing radiation therefore considered very safe for human/animal use.

    Ultrasound machines are used to diagnose animals with injuries and other diseases. Reproductive work is also conducted by breeders by detecting pregnancy and health of unborn calves. It is also used by cattle industry to improve animal health.

    Sonograms are created by ultrasound machines which produce high frequency sound waves. These waves bounce on organs, tissues, veins, etc. creating echoes, which are turned into images by the machine and can be seen on monitors. Ultrasound machines are mostly used in cardiology, endocrinology and obstetrics etc. Different types of ultrasound machines are available in the market depending upon the usage. Few of them are:

    Color Doppler ultrasound machines: These are used to produce color images, which are helpful in understanding the flow of blood. A 2D image is produced that depicts blood moving in veins and arteries. Development of fetus inside womb, flow of blood in cervical carotid arteries and vertebral arteries are measured with color doppler machines.

    Portable ultrasound machines: These are used by doctors and veterinarians in situations where immediate diagnose is required as it is possible to take them anywhere. It is difficult to bring large animals into veterinary hospitals, but with the help of portable machines, they are checked on field.

    Hand-held ultrasound machine: The biggest advantage with this version of ultrasound machine is mobility. Farmers and breeders use these machines to examine cattle, equine and bovine as it does not require a power cord. The image quality is good, though the size is small. It is mostly used for reproductive work.

    If you are looking for new or used color doppler, portable or hand-held ultrasound machines, then browse through to get quality products at an affordable price.

    SonoScape: Ultrasound Machines For Canines

    Ultrasound scan is a useful method for assessing normal and abnormal canine pregnancy. SonoScape is a renowned brand which manufactures high quality ultrasound machine used for all types of canine diagnostic procedures. Ultrasounds have been used to assess vessels which increase blood flow during normal canine pregnancy such as umbilical, uterine, ovarian, fetal aorta etc. SonoScape offers a wide range of models which have become quite popular among veterinarians for canine checkups, some of these are as follows:

    SonoScape A6V: A high quality B/W (Black&White) portable ultrasound machine widely used for canines. It has a 12 inch LCD monitor which produces crystal clear images, also the monitor is adjustable, a feature you would not find in other machines. It has high probe frequency and produces scans up to 320mm. A6V offers stable performance and has a lightweight of less than 6 Kg making it highly flexible for outdoor locations.

    SonoScape S2: A portable color Doppler system considered user-friendly for sonographers.

    With functions such as intelligent patient file management system, convenient user-definable settings and professional diagnosis applications, this ultrasound has become a preferred choice for veterinarians. It comes with a 15-inch high resolution LCD monitor with wide-view angle, lithium battery with one hour working capacity without power supply, two probe sockets give better protection to probes etc.

    SonoScape S6: A portable color Doppler system, which is widely used by veterinarians to diagnose canines for pregnancy and other ailments. It has powerful software, innovative transducers and a variety of other applications. It features a large operating panel and functions usually found in bigger ultrasound machines. With a high capacity built-in battery, it can be carried outdoors with extreme ease.

    SonoScape S8V:A premium Hand-Carried Ultrasound (HCU) machine with a variety of technological features. With many applications, probes, features and capabilities, it has also become quite popular among veterinarians. With transducers ranging from 1.9 MHz to 15 MHz, S8V is an excellent choice for canine scanning purposes.

    If you are searching for canine pregnancy ultrasound systems, then SonoScape excels this category. The company has manufactured a wide range of high quality products for pets. Click here to know more about canine pregnancy portable ultrasound machine (http://www.veterinaryultrasounds.com/collections/dogs-and-pets-ultrasounds) at an affordable price range.

    How to Handle Canine Pregnancy

    Pet owners should make it a point to spot pregnancy early in their dogs to avoid any complications. Indicators can be difficult to figure out, so it is advisable to visit a veterinarian who would diagnose the dog properly. It would be better for you to be familiar with canine pregnancy and what to expect during birth or labor, so that can provide proper assistance in case of an emergency.

    Normal pregnancy in a canine is between 60 to 64 days. When labor is close, take its temperature on a regular basis. If it drops down to 97 or 99 degrees for two readings in a time span of about twelve hours, you could expect the dog to go into labor in the next 24 hours. The labor is divided into three stages and would repeat with each puppy born.

    Avoid nutritional supplements when your dog is pregnant as your dog would naturally produce all nutrients its puppies require during lactation. These interfere with natural process in the body and if you use quality dog food, these would not be necessary. Extra supplements should be given only on the suggestion of veterinarian. Increase the frequency of meals midway through the dog gestation. Include protein diet every alternate day with a boiled egg or cheese. 

    Vaccinations should not be given to a pregnant canine. But it is advisable to get your dog vaccinated before it becomes pregnant, ensuring its body has all the required antibodies. These antibodies also pass to the newborn puppies during lactation.

    Pregnant dogs love to get pampered and this can be done simply by regular walking, stroking or some running. This helps to prevent overweight and maintain muscle tone. It is strongly recommended to visit a veterinarian on regular basis during pregnancy period. They usually diagnose using ultrasound machines and check the condition and development of the puppies. Veterinarian would take necessary steps if any problems are found in the body. So it is important that during canine pregnancy, ultrasound should be conducted to figure out present condition.  Click here (http://www.veterinaryultrasounds.com/collections/dogs-and-pets-ultrasounds), to know more about canine care.

    When is a veterinary ultrasound used?

    Unlike humans, animals cannot communicate their pain and this is where veterinary ultrasound is used to monitor their health and to keep a check on their condition. For example a veterinary ultrasound can be used to examine and asses the health of a pregnant dog or to monitor the cardiovascular system of large animals (like horses and cows etc.). Just like humans, ultrasound technology can also be used to check any improper functioning of the liver and kidney in animals. Most veterinarian use ultrasound machines to examine any suspicious masses and other findings which might not be visible in a manual examination.

    Talking further the veterinary ultrasound is a painless procedure and the animal generally does not need to be sedated before the examination. During the process of ultrasound an expert technician or a veterinary doctor is always present there to calm the animal so that they can complete the examination properly. In general a veterinary ultrasound process can take between 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the reason for the examination and the type of animal.

    Different types of veterinary ultrasound machines

    3 types of vet ultrasound machines for sale are available in the market these days. They are:

    1. Handheld machine – Handheld ultrasound machines are very easy in handling. They can be carried anywhere and are very useful for checking many animals in a short span of time.
    2. Portable machines – Portable ultrasound machines are more affordable than handheld machines. The image quality of portable machines is also better than the handheld machines. They are also very reliable and can be used for at least 10-15 years.
    3. Color Doppler – A color doppler vet ultrasound machine is used for animals like rats, cats, dogs, monkeys, rabbits and other small and medium sized-animals. It is used for examining organs like heart, abdomen and superficial organs.

    What is the best portable bovine ultrasound?

    These simple things will help veterinarians purchase the best portable ultrasound machine, which suits their precise requirements and comes at a price that is within their budget.

    An ultrasound machine is definitely one of the most important machines for a veterinarian as it helps him diagnose his animal patients without making an incision to insert other instruments into its body. However, unlike the ultrasound machines that are used in hospitals, a veterinarian mostly makes use of a portable ultrasound machine which he can carry to the whereabouts of his patients.

    If you are a veterinarian and interested in purchasing a high quality portable bovine ultrasound machine, here are the things that you should always keep in your mind.

    Your budget:
    The first thing that you have to keep in mind is your budget. With advances in medical technology, manufacturers have come up with a range of portable ultrasound machines, each of which has something unique to offer. Obviously the more feature-rich machines are also more expensive. Hence you have to carefully plan your requirements and set your budget. After that you can move ahead and search a good ultrasound machine that includes all that you need and still comes within your budget.

    Consider the market you serve:
    Not all veterinarians make house visits and hence not all need nothing other than a portable ultrasound machines. However, portable ultrasound machine is quite versatile (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultrasound) and hence can be used by almost all veterinarians. Portable bovine ultrasound machine is essentially required by you if you treat large animals that cannot come to your clinic along with their owners. Hence if you regularly work with cows and horses, you need a good quality portable ultrasound machine which you can easily carry to distant farms. Moreover, keep in mind that you buy a portable ultrasound machine which is flexible enough to handle multiple breeds of animals.

    Buy a machine which is rugged:
    Unlike ultrasound machines that are kept in the sterile environments of a hospital or clinic, veterinary portable ultrasound systems (http://www.veterinaryultrasounds.com/) have to travel along with you to farms, which often aren’t the most sterile places on earth. When choosing a portable ultrasound machine make sure that you give special emphasis (http://www.ehow.com/how-does_4968370_ultrasound-therapy-work.html) to the ruggedness aspect of the machine, as it should be capable to take those occasional bumps or low-height drops. There are several portable ultrasound machines in the market that are water-resistant, easy to clean and reinforced so that they can easily handle those occasional drops and bumps.

    Check the accessories available with the machine:
    It has been seen that most veterinarians forget about the accessories available with the machine while they’re purchasing a portable ultrasound machine. Accessories are nothing less than lifesavers (http://www.wikihow.com/Buy-an-Ultrasound-Machine) in the field of veterinary science, as they can help you get crisp and detailed images of the part of the animal you’re scanning and hence help you diagnose your patients in lesser time. You are advised to find the best portable bovine ultrasound (http://www.veterinaryultrasounds.com/wed-380v.html) for your requirements.

    Check for updates and downloads:
    Although it might seem unnecessary as first, as when you buy a machine it will include the latest software and firmware, make it a point to ask about the type of software and firmware updates that the manufacturer provides. These updates keep your machine protected against software bugs that might come up during use. Moreover, firmware updates are necessary as with them you can get access to new features that weren’t present in the earlier machine.

    The author of this article recommends purchasing portable veterinary ultrasound machines from veterinaryultrasounds.com.